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In only 10-15 minutes a day!

  • Find the "center of your head" to better navigate this life!

  • Learn new tools to break free from anything holding you back!

  • Learn new and more effective ways to raise your energy!

  • Protect your energy centers from outside influences!

  • Find, remove and explode energies holding you back!

Bob Randklev

Certified Emotion & Body Code Practitioner Teacher, Clairvoyant Healer and Reiki Master

Unlock the Power of ENERGY CLEARING in this Life-Transforming Video!

4 Lessons, 4 Meditations and an Energy Healing Session with Bob

Heal Yourself - Transform Your Life!

Anyone Can Learn

It doesn't matter your background or how "holistic" your life has been.

Results Focused

Learn how to meditate in a more meaningful way that generates measureable results!

Heal Yourself

You are happiest and healthiest when you are in your own body, running your own energy, in current time!

A Four Week Learning Series

Only 10-15 minutes a day

Each week you learn and practice new advanced meditation tools.

The following week builds upon the previous to deepen your healing powers.

Grounding, Center of your Head & Golden Suns

Find the center of your head, how to ground deeper and fill yourself with beneficial energies!

Energy Information & Your Energetic Abilities

Learn what are psychic senses are and how to activate yours!

Run earth and cosmic energies!

Your Energetic Aura & Protection Tools

Learn about your aura and how to strengthen and protect it!

The outer layer is how others see you. Learn to change it!

Your Primary Chakras, Balancing and Beyond

Learn new ideas about chakras, the aura & how they define you!

Heal Yourself Energetically in 4 weeks!

By the end of our fourth module you'll be a new person and view your life in a different way!

Discover the Transformative Power of Energy Healing

Harness the Power of Your Energetic Body Imagine a life where ailments are not setbacks but signposts, directing you towards a harmonious state of being. We delve deep into the energetic body, teaching you to discern its language and employ psychic tools that elevate your understanding and control of your own energy.

Become a Conduit for Healing Energy Your innate potential as a conscious healer emerges when you cultivate a profound awareness of your body's needs and signals. By learning to channel energy with intention and precision, you reclaim your innate power to harmonize body and spirit.

Here, you'll discover the potent transformation that unfolds when you tap into the wellspring of energy healing. Like the pulsing life force of the universe itself, energy underpins our very existence – manifesting as the subtle, yet profound imbalances and alignments within us.

Discover the Golden Sun Technique As an aspirant writer poised to breathe life into your next chapter, envision drawing your scattered energies home. The Golden Sun tool – a visualization technique – empowers you to infuse your creative process with energies that make writing not just a task, but an effortless extension of your essence.

Customize Your Healing Journey Our guidance is not prescriptive; it's tailored. Reflect on the specific energies that resonate with your body's call. What parts crave rejuvenation? What strengths do you wish to amplify? The answers will shape your unique application of energy healing tools like the Golden Sun.

Energy Healing Tools for Every Day Beyond the realm of creativity, these tools serve as versatile companions through life's myriad demands. Whether seeking focus, calm, or vitality, adapting these tools to your daily rituals enhances well-being and bolsters resilience.

As we unveil these sacred practices:

  • You'll learn to navigate your energetic body with insight and care.

  • You will be equipped with psychic tools that bolster self-healing.

  • Discover personalized techniques to energize your writing process – or any other endeavor.

  • Experience how the Golden Sun visualization can amplify your innate potential.

  • Be empowered to address bodily needs with precise energetic infusions.

The journey is one of transformation – both subtle and profound. Join us at the Illuminated Path and let us guide you in harnessing the boundless energy that surrounds and fills us. Engage with our community, expand your understanding, and emerge as a beacon of healing – for yourself and for others.

By choosing to engage with our transformative practices, you're not just investing in methods; you're investing in a future where energy flows freely, where balance is not just sought but achieved, where each day holds the promise of growth and healing. Allow yourself this gift – step into the fullness of being that awaits when you master energy healing.

Take that first step on your path to healing by exploring our resources or signing up for our next class. Seize this moment to align with the universal energies and write not just chapters in a book, but chapters in the story of your enriched life.

Trusted By Our Students

Over four hours of learning with guided meditations and handouts.
Listen 10-15 minutes a day!

It's everything you need to break free to a new life!

Brenda M.

"I've meditated for most of my life but never like this! Too often my mind is running and I struggled with finding focus. I now have better focus and control of my energetic being."

Sara J.

"I highly recommend this course, it's life changing. Imagine a new way to look at this crazy world we live in and tools to manage it better!"

Jim D.

"Everything is energy so finding and releasing imbalanced energies allows your energetic and physical body to heal itself in love and peace"

About Your Teacher

For decades I've practiced holistic health and natural healing. I've always felt a connection to my subconscious and spirit driving me to help others!

Many years ago I started Reiki certification and today I'm a Usui/Holy Fire III Master Teacher.

In 2017 I started practicing the Emotion Code healing on myself after reading the book.
The results were so amazing I decided to become certified and help others.

I've helped people and pets from all walks to life relieve the stress and pain associated with negative trapped emotions!

During the “pandemic” of 2020, I found the time to complete my
Body Code Certification!

Since then I've focused on Clairvoyant Healing and helping others learn how to shift and heal!

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